The Y Service 1939-1945

The Special Wireless Sections

Wireless intelligence sections were developed soon after Dunkirk in May June 1940. There were approximately 40 Special Wireless Sections (SWS) in the years 1939 to 1945. A significant group was the Voluntary Intercept Service consisting of operators, often-amateur radio operators and short wave listeners.

There were three types of sections:

A type were Army HQ

B type were Corps HQ

C type see below

Was formed at Radlett, England for the jamming of the enemy's wireless and radar transmissions. This was an ATS unit. The Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force also had Y' sections working with them. The centre of all the information taken by all the units with the troops or from the home bases was Bletchley Park, the most secret unit of all during the war.

Y' Sections

Here are just a few sections to which some mentioned is made of in war diaries held at the Public Records Office.

F Special Wireless Section (Paiforce) including No 11-12 Polish S.W/W.I Sections

108 Wireless Intelligence Section

113 S.W Section Type B

No 1 Special Wireless Group Type A (Harpenden, England) moved Minden barracks Germany May 1945.

109 Wireless Intelligence Section Type B

114 S.W Section Type B

No 1 Special Wireless Section Type G

100 Special Wireless Section (BEF)

115 S.W Section Type B (India)

No 1 Special Det Type G

100 X Special Wireless section (known as Experimental Armoured

No 1 Special Wireless Section Type A (India)

101 S.W Section Type B

No 2 Special Wireless Section. Type A (India)

101 S.W Section MEF (old S.W Station Malta)

No 3 Special Wireless Type A

101 S.W Section Malta

No 5 S.W Section Type A (India)

101 S.W Section Wireless Station (Malta)

No 5 S.W Section Type P

101 S.W Section Type P High Speed unit

No 6 S.W Section Type A (India)

102 S.W Section Gibraltar

No 7 S.W Section Type A

103 S.W Section Type B

No 8 S.W Section Type A

104 S.W Section Type B

No 9 S.W Section Type A

105 S.W Section Type B

No 10 S.W Section Type A

106 S.W Section Type B

No 11 S.W Section (Polish)

107 S.W Section

No 12 Wireless Intelligence Section (Polish)

108 S.W Section

44 Wireless Intelligence Section

109 S.W Section

45 Wireless Intelligence Section

110 S.W Section Type B

46 Wireless Intelligence Section

111 S.W Section

47 Wireless Intelligence Section

112 S.W Section Type B (India)


There were other sections the list would fill a small book, and of which little is known of their history but one day soon, I hope that the records will be released for the public to see.

On a later page you'll find a short history of one of these sections which is not a complete one but will give you the reader a look into the part played by so many men and women of Y Service at home and overseas.

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