The Y Service 1939-1945

Equipment Used

AR 88 - R106 (National HRO) - R 107 (RCA) - CR100 (Marconi) - Typex Machine -

R 106 (HRO) these wireless were a major units used to intercept wireless transmissions from the German and Italian forces. The one on display is a rack mounted unit with its coils to change the Band on which the station wished to listen on.

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R106 (HRO) - dual installation in Beford QLR

The HRO radio Receiver is a High -Frequency super heterodyne suitable for C.W., M.C.W and phone reception throughout the frequency range of frequencies is covered in nine bands as follows.

50 - 100Kc/s Band - Type J Coil Set

100- 200 Kc/s Band - Type H Coil Set

180 - 430 Kc/s Band - Type G Coil Set

480 - 960 Kc/s Band - Type F Coil Set

900 - 2050 Kc/s Band - Type e Coil Set

1.7 - 40 Mc/s Band - Type JD Coil Set

3.5 - 7.3 Mc/s Band - Type JC Coil Set

7.0 - 14.4 Mc/s Band - Type JB Coil Set

14.0 - 30.0Mc/s Band - Type JA Coil Set

Two types of receiver were supplied one having a chassis suitable for rack mounting and the other having a chassis mounted in a table cabinet. All data given applies equally to both models each station comprises a complete set of coils as listed.

Inside the back of our QLR - restored as best we can to authentic specification

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From left - receivers also used -AR 8, HRO and R107 (modified?)

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