The Y Service 1939-45



Those were the words of an officer to persuade men to join his unit. The Army, with the cunning of centuries of planting ideas of heroism in the minds of young men, ”invited operators nearing 3rd Class rating to volunteer (how gentle) for hazardous duties”.

Should you be expecting tales like those of Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond books, you will be disappointed. The task of ‘Y' Service was to gather information from the enemy radio traffic and to “Create alarm and despondency among the enemy”

In the background you should be able to hear a (slowed down!) simulation of Enigma traffic - five letter groups. Use the control below to stop it.

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Overview The Special Wireless Sections Training

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110 Special Wireless Section 109 SWS picture 1942

The Golden Arrow Posters 108 SWS prior to D-Day(Rustington)

Bletchley Park Roll of Honour WT form completed

Bletchley Park Sections Bletchley Park Huts and Blocks

Commemorative badge Translation sheet for Japanese Morse

The Y service in the desert, 1941-42

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